Rafel Prohens Galmés

Diploma in Physiotherapy at the University of Vic (Barcelona) in 2003
(3rd promotion).
Collegiate No. 312.

The desire to improve and grow as professionals have encouraged every day to improve their education. In continuous training has improved the technique and analysis capabilities of the human body, thus expanding the range of therapeutic techniques to offer.

Outstanding training

  • Postgraduate sport physiotherapy
  • Postgraduate muscular chains Busquets
  • Myofascial induction
  • Neuromuscular course bandage
  • Neuroevaluation course and treatment of adult patients with acquired brain injury
  • Osteopathy


Balanç staff is accredited by the experience as a result of continuing professional.
  • Hospital Sant Juan de Deu
  • Clínica Juaneda
  • Hospital de Manacor
  • Mútua Asepeyo
  • Clínic Balear
  • Hospital de Muro


Aina Maria Riera Alcina

Degree in psychology from the University of Salamanca   in 2006.
Collegiate No. B-01779.

Since the completion of his university studies she has been formed and   specializing in different therapies continuously, to offer, in this way, the most effective therapies and   effective for each individual.

Outstanding training

  • Postgraduate Course AEPCCC: Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Postgraduate Course in Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Course in Personal Enrichment: the Patterns of the Mind
  • Course in Social Competencies, Motivation and Teamwork
  • Course in the Intelligent Use of Emotions
  • Forensic psychological evaluation in the field of family
  • Conceptualization of the specific difficulties of learning


  • Cabinet of Psychology PSICOSAN (PALMA)
  • Servei d'orientació laboral MEDITERRANI (Consell de Mallorca)
  • Neuropsychologist. County hospital of Zamora. Assessment of intellectual abilities

Closed until 1/9/19

Reopening 1/9/19